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CAS Makeover for THUG2
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With this code, just put in the two line code, and then go into Create A Skater, and then goto PreMade Skaters, then choose CHRIS.
These codes are color coated. Don't have two of the same type of codes on at the same time.
This code allows you to customize your skater completely, from head to toe. You can now change your skater's head, his torso, and his legs. Even his board!

Male Skater Head's
205fee34 650fab6d
205fee28 ????????
ca628820 FUN HEAD 5
bd65b8b6 FUN HEAD 4
6b5208cd DARK HEAD
0ca788ef LIGHT HEAD
95aed955 LIGHT HEAD 2
f25b5977 DARK HEAD 2
e2a9e9c3 LIGHT HEAD 3
855c69e1 DARK HEAD 3
fba53a0b ALIEN HEAD
6f12fa1e TAN HEAD 4
1815ca88 TAN HEAD 5
cd0f4c39 FUN HEAD 1
1b38fc42 DARK HEAD 4
7ccd7c60 LIGHT HEAD 4
6c3fccd4 DARK HEAD 5
0bca4cf6 LIGHT HEAD 5
23012d15 FUN HEAD 3
56061d83 FUN HEAD 2
1f780e91 TAN HEAD 1
86715fab TAN HEAD 2
f1766fbd TAN HEAD 3

Female Skater Head's
205fee34 0fc85bae
205fee28 ????????
6b5208cd DARK HEAD 1
0ca788ef LIGHT HEAD 1
95aed955 LIGHT HEAD2
f25b5977 DARK HEAD 2
e2a9e9c3 LIGHT HEAD 3
855c69e1 DARK HEAD 3
6f12fa1e TAN HEAD 4
1815ca88 TAN HEAD 5
1b38fc42 DARK HEAD 4
7ccd7c60 LIGHT HEAD 4
6c3fccd4 DARK HEAD 5
0bca4cf6 LIGHT HEAD 5
1f780e91 TAN HEAD 1
86715fab TAN HEAD 2
f1766fbd TAN HEAD 3

Male Pedestrian Head's
205fee34 f56a8cfb
205fee28 ????????
497e6030 Ped_M_BA_Head04
3e7950a6 Ped_M_BA_Head05
a770011c Ped_M_BA_Head06
d077318a Ped_M_BA_Head07
5cf47202 Ped_M_BO_Head04
660c0208 Ped_M_AU_Head06
2bf34294 Ped_M_BO_Head05
110b329e Ped_M_AU_Head07
88026324 Ped_M_AU_Head04
b2fa132e Ped_M_BO_Head06
ff0553b2 Ped_M_AU_Head05
c5fd23b8 Ped_M_BO_Head07
391494bf Ped_M_BA_Head01
a01dc505 Ped_M_BA_Head02
d71af593 Ped_M_BA_Head03
6161c611 Ped_M_AU_Head02
1666f687 Ped_M_AU_Head03
2c9e868d Ped_M_BO_Head01
a01dc505 Ped_M_BA_Head02
d71af593 Ped_M_BA_Head03
6161c611 Ped_M_AU_Head02
1666f687 Ped_M_AU_Head03
2c9e868d Ped_M_BO_Head01
b597d737 Ped_M_BO_Head02
c290e7a1 Ped_M_BO_Head03
f86897ab Ped_M_AU_Head01
14021a5c Ped_M_SK_Head05
63052aca Ped_M_SK_Head04
40c82c1b Ped_M_BA_Head08
24c7bc4b Ped_LostSoul_Head02
ad4ddc50 german drunk head02
37cf1c8d Ped_M_BA_Head09
da4aecc6 german drunk head03
53c08cdd Ped_LostSoul_Head03
34448dea german drunk head01
bdceedf1 Ped_LostSoul_Head01
136fde45 Ped_M_SK_Head01
81b42f0f Ped_M_AU_Head08
fd61bf69 Ped_M_SK_Head03
8a668fff Ped_M_SK_Head02

Female Pedestrian Head's
205fee34 9fad7c38
205fee28 ????????
e98bf2dd Ped_F_NO_Head01
7082a367 Ped_F_NO_Head02
078593f1 Ped_F_NO_Head03
0517c4ca Ped_F_Head_tan
99e10652 Ped_F_NO_Head04
eee636c4 Ped_F_NO_Head05
77ef677e Ped_F_NO_Head06
00e857e8 Ped_F_NO_Head07
90574a79 Ped_F_NO_Head08

Female Pedestrian Torso's
205feef4 24de6a73
205feea8 ????????
45199261 Ped_F_NO_Torso08
636b14b3 Ped_F_wifebeater
47dc75eb Ped_F_trackjacket
01d148eb Ped_F_tanktop
3cc52ac5 Ped_F_NO_Torso01
a5cc7b7f Ped_F_NO_Torso02
d2cb4be9 Ped_F_NO_Torso03
1ddbfcd8 Ped_F_tshirt_1
120e1d42 Ped_F_Jeanjacket
4cafde4a Ped_F_NO_Torso04
6ba8eedc Ped_F_NO_Torso05
a2a1bf66 Ped_F_NO_Torso06
d5a68ff0 Ped_F_NO_Torso07
00f68fd6 Ped_F_haltertop

Male Pedestrian Torso's
205feef4 26d93e89
205feea8 ????????
5c8f403c Ped_M_SK_Torso06
01cd2074 Ped_M_BA_Torso06
2b8870aa Ped_M_SK_Torso07
76ca10e2 Ped_M_BA_Torso07
b2812110 Ped_M_SK_Torso04
efc34158 Ped_M_BA_Torso04
c5861186 Ped_M_SK_Torso05
98c471ce Ped_M_BA_Torso05
f1b5b400 Ped_M_BA_Torso10
5be28425 Ped_M_SK_Torso02
06a0e46d Ped_M_BA_Torso02
2ce5b4b3 Ped_M_SK_Torso03
71a7d4fb Ped_M_BA_Torso03
fc6ea50d Ped_M_AU_Torso08
c2ebd59f Ped_M_SK_Torso01
9fa9b5d7 Ped_M_BA_Torso01
1bd6880a Ped_M_AU_Torso06
6cd1b89c Ped_M_AU_Torso07
f5d8e926 Ped_M_AU_Torso04
82dfd9b0 Ped_M_AU_Torso05
5006aa5c Ped_M_BO_Torso05
27019aca Ped_M_BO_Torso04
be08cb70 Ped_M_BO_Torso07
c90ffbe6 Ped_M_BO_Torso06
1cbb4c13 Ped_M_AU_Torso02
6bbc7c85 Ped_M_AU_Torso03
e6750d73 Ped_M_BA_Torso08
85b21da9 Ped_M_AU_Torso01
91723de5 Ped_M_BA_Torso09
576b6e45 Ped_M_BO_Torso01
b9650f69 Ped_M_BO_Torso03
ce623fff Ped_M_BO_Torso02

Female Pedestrian Leg's
205fef54 c546c92e
205fef08 ????????
36ebe133 Ped_F_Sweats
58d6e287 Ped_F_Shorts_1
9a919508 Ped_F_Skirt
5c565712 Ped_F_Capris
4e185ae2 Ped_F_NO_Legs01
d7110b58 Ped_F_NO_Legs02
a0163bce Ped_F_NO_Legs03
750dfce4 Ped_F_Bikini_2
ec04ad5e Ped_F_Bikini_1
3e72ae6d Ped_F_NO_Legs04
61be8e8e Ped_F_Jeans
49759efb Ped_F_NO_Legs05
d07ccf41 Ped_F_NO_Legs06

Male Pedestrian Leg's
205fef54 af8139ed
205fef08 ????????
b391b263 Ped_M_SK_Legs05
c49682f5 Ped_M_SK_Legs04
6cbbf334 Ped_M_Duplilcate_Legs03
2a98e3d9 Ped_M_SK_Legs06
b4fc767a Ped_M_SK_Legs01
5af21756 Ped_M_SK_Legs03
2df527c0 Ped_M_SK_Legs02
eeedc80f Ped_M_BA_Legs04
99eaf899 Ped_M_BA_Legs05
7bbc98b4 Ped_M_Duplicate_Legs02
e2b5c90e Ped_M_Duplicate_Legs01
00e3a923 Ped_M_BA_Legs06
c19faa37 Ped_M_AU_Legs06
fb67da3d Ped_M_BO_Legs04
b6989aa1 Ped_M_AU_Legs07
8c60eaab Ped_M_BO_Legs05
1569bb11 Ped_M_BO_Legs06
2f91cb1b Ped_M_AU_Legs04
5896fb8d Ped_M_AU_Legs05
9e873c80 Ped_M_BA_Legs01
7cd15cad Ped_M_Duplicate_Legs06
e5d80d17 Ped_M_Duplicate_Legs05
078e6d3a Ped_M_BA_Legs02
92df3d81 Ped_M_Duplicate_Legs04
70895dac Ped_M_BA_Legs03
c6f26e2e Ped_M_AU_Legs02
8b0d2eb2 Ped_M_BO_Legs01
b1f55eb8 Ped_M_AU_Legs03
12047f08 Ped_M_BO_Legs02
5ffb3f94 Ped_M_AU_Legs01
65034f9e Ped_M_BO_Legs03

Chris's Female_Ped Accessory Modifyer
205fef68 ????????
205fefb4 02159819
0bf489d2 Ped_F_Censored

Chris's Male_Ped Accessory Modifyer
205fef68 ????????
205fefb4 e5dc27ba
759ea374 Pencil (in hand)
21da4c1d Mallet (in hand)
3b2c028f Baton "Cop Stick" (on belt)
4f49c5f1 LabCoat (Over body)
acda3538 Cape (over body)
05cacfb8 Ped_M_BA_Glasses02
33656785 Ped_SK_Glasses
f511f55f cameraglasses
ceb5b504 Ped_M_BO_Glasses01
20bbd428 Ped_M_BO_Glasses03
56296e1e Mayan
f9e35063 Headphones
e4af5eb9 Ped_M_Cast01
bc191a36 Ped_m_SK_Beany
633af4c1 Spraycan (In board)
f707d71b Ped_M_sk_hat
6b603a34 Ped_tikiman

Chris's Deck Modifyer
205fefc8 ????????
b2c99bf0 Wheelchair
1ca1ff20 Regular Board
14a3a4cf MotoSkateboard (bigfoot's deck)
3029fb1f Segway
86929898 MiniCart
906f06e2 Tricycle
7aee412a Flute
174f542e LifeSaver
70243b69 ClipBoard
59e3a567 Banjo
bdc53cf2 Guitar
05a2e578 Tuba
f41114c2 Metal Detector
6fcba5ee Graffiti Board
99691b6b Witch Doctor's Cane (walking cane)
9dcb058e Shrek's Board
d39ee0e9 Board_THPS_Hawk
d9d5a004 Hawk_board
57ad2264 Jester_board
31cb53b8 Burnquist_board
293aa42e Margera_board
33007457 Bull Fighter_board
439458dd Vallely_board
159ab924 Muska_board
97859a3f Ben Franklin_board
1f19dcfd Koston_board
1595fdb5 Wee-man_board
00000000 No Board

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